Jazz' Story

Jazz has always been an unusual dog even for our remarkable breed. Her desire to please along 
with her jazzy style was apparent when she was very young.  But her sixth sense about people and her 
desire to look after them, made her different.   She was too small for the breed ring and so at 
9 months of age, she went to live with my life long friend, Diane who was quickly "Labrafied" 
by the pint sized charmer.  The two of them were inseparable.  We were soon to learn why.  
At 42 years young, Diane was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer.  I think Jazz knew from the 
beginning and unlike many of Di's human friends, Jazz was unafraid of the disease.  
She was ever present - quiet and calm on bad days and urging Diane to get moving on the good ones.  

Sadly,  Diane lost her battle 3 months later.  Jazz was at her side.  I went to the house right away and found Jazz curled beside the bed where Diane had been.  She wouldn't move.  She was waiting for her as she had so many times before.  I brought Jazz home but she was inconsolable.  Her spark was gone.

Months later we had a visitor who came to be interviewed for a Labrador. She brought with her a precocious six year old who told me all about himself and why he was ready for a dog.  Jazz came outside and and gave the boy a good sniff and sized him up and at that moment decided he was exactly what she had been looking for.  They stayed about an hour and Jazz never took her eyes of him.  The two of them climbed on logs, waded through the pond and chased off the egrets picking through our newly mowed lawn.  While his mother talked,  
I watched.  I could see that Jazz needed someone to look after, but I couldn't let her go. 
I was still grieving - my heart wasn't ready.  Travis thanked me politely for letting him meet Jazz and waved goodbye.  Weeks later I called the family and told them Jazz and I were ready.  Jazz climbed into the car 
next to Travis as happy as I had seen her since Diane's death.

Travis & Jazz started obedience training and they have become a quite a team. Just six years old, Travis marched into the ring with his little buddy and placed third in his first trial. When they finished their exercise he held up the palm of his hand and Jazz leaped to touch it with her nose, their secret "high five" handshake. He went on to his title with two more placements missing a Dog World award by 2 points. Travis and Jazz then went on to earn their UKC CD in three straight passes and placements. They are now running in Agility, Jazz speeding through the course with the same style and flair she used to tidy up her toys from the pond. Somehow I think Diane had something to do with finding this youngster and making sure he found her dear Jazz.

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