CH Cornerstone's Simply Stella CD, JH

Specialty JAMs
Lisa Weiss
Laura Dedering
 Nancy Arbuckle

More Pictures of  Stella

OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows,
OFA Heart Echo Doppler, Optigen A-1,
CERF From 7 Weeks, Thyroid Clear

Ch Blackdux Knight Moves, JH


CH Chelon's Mac The Knight, JH CH Chelons Sleepless Knight, CD, JH Am/Can CH Monarch's Black Arrogance, CD
Cobbs Yellow Frenzy CDX, CD
Can CH Dixieland's Windy Sailin Am/Can CH Davoeg's Irish Gold
Sandcrest Sailin Scat Kat
CH Blackdux French Vanilla Anderscroft Solemn Utopia, JH CH Jayncourt Ajoco Justice
Anderscroft Molechunkemunk
Princess Ashley Sandylands Int/Am CH Sandylands Rip Van Winkle
Shabalands Wild Wild West

CH Campbellcroft Watermark Paige, CD, JH

Int/Dut/Lux/Am/Can CH Raintree Slippery When Wet, JH Rocheby Yorkshireman Eng Sh CH Rocheby Royal Oak
Rocheby Polished Oak
Rickway Bremar Black Ice CH Dickendall Arnold
Drakemoor California Dreamin'
CH Harrington Campbellcroft Lass, JH Am/Can CH Cambellcroft Angus, WC, CD CH Lockerbie Brian Boru
CH Campbellcroft's Pede, CD, WC
CH Colquhoun's Lady Carolyn, CD, WC CH Simmerdown's Tiberius
Sunnybrook Acres Brigadoon, WC
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